Here are some of the colleges that our students have been accepted to:


Ms. Malde was a huge help in helping me focus my college list and figure out what I wanted in a school. Having an experienced outside perspective was an enormous boost to my motivation and success in applying to college.

 - Class of 2023, Harvard University

Mrs. Maldes advice and experience with the college application process definitely increased my chances of being accepted and made my life during that time less stressful.  College Focus Consulting helped me organize what I wanted to show colleges, and turn it into an application that would be easy to understand, while also explaining the confusing parts of the application process and answering my questions.

 - Class of 2023, Clemson University

Nutan’s process was very effective in helping my student navigate through the application process and college options based on not only the test scores but the total student.  She is very smart and professional as she keeps in touch and she is on top of each deadline!  As a parent, I would highly recommend working with her and having a piece of mind during this challenging time.

 - Class of 2023 Parent,  Clemson University